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History has too few characters. We don’t know enough names. We don’t know enough stories.

This limits what we can say about the past. Worse, this limits the questions we can ask of history. It limits what we can know about the places we live and the roots of the challenges we face today.

The Civil War Governors of Kentucky Digital Documentary Edition proposes a bold new solution to this problem. We find the characters, hidden in archives across the country. We publish their stories in the form of thirty- or forty-thousand historical documents. And we treat every individual—man or woman, free or slave, Union and Confederate—as an historical actor worthy of study. We link these actors together in a gigantic research database that contains demographic, biographical, and geographical data.

This is the closest thing we can get to a time machine. This is the world of Civil War Kentucky—of Civil War Kentuckians—mapped, networked, linked, and published—free for anyone to use.